MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE Events [Online] MOTHERHOUSE Employee dialogue Company information session for store staff/store manager candidates -.
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[Online] MOTHERHOUSE Employee dialogue Company information session for store staff/store manager candidates -.

15 (金)

Under the philosophy of "Creating a global brand from developing countries,
MOTHERHOUSE started out as a small bag store in 2006,
We currently have over 40 stores globally.

And for further growth and expansion as a brand,
We are looking for new colleagues to build the brand together in the future.

With the changing times, shopping online,
In a world where it is becoming more and more commonplace,
MOTHERHOUSE has a physical store,
We place great importance on delivering our products directly to our customers.

We want to make things with a background and deliver things to our customers with care.
We are committed to an environment that allows us to take on challenges from a young age,
We would like to contribute to the future growth of the brand.

We would like to invite anyone who feels this way to join us.
We wanted you to actually hear what our working staff has to say before you join our group,
We hold recruitment briefings, including in-person interviews.

Not only delivering products to customers,
Beyond that, event planning, etc. to expand brand awareness,
It is also an environment where you can aspire to be a leader in growing the store and the brand.

This time, he joined the company mid-career after three years in the workforce,
Currently, he is an area manager and organizes multiple stores,
Four-year store staff who joined the company as new graduates.
MOTHERHOUSE That's why it's so rewarding and
Hardships in doing the job, etc, I will be honest with you.

In order to give you a better picture of what it is like to work here, we will start with questions related to the entire company,
We will be happy to answer a wide range of questions, including specific treatment.

*This is for store staff/store manager candidates.
All professions are welcome to attend.

Mid-career employee interview article
interpoint (interword separation) There are experiences that can only be obtained in stores.
We want to support staff who are willing to speak up and take on challenges based on their experience.
interpoint (interword separation) Work hard to be yourself. Improve your skills to seize opportunities.
I want to show that for my friends.

[Online] MOTHERHOUSE Employee Dialogue
Company Information Session for Store Staff and Managers Overview

Friday, December 15

interpoint (interword separation) company overview
Staff Speakers
Talk Session
Q&A (using zoom's Q&A function)
Selection Guide

How to participate
We will be connecting via Zoom on the day of the event.
After receiving your application, we will send you details on how to participate by e-mail.

How to apply
Advance application required. Please apply using the form below.
Click here to apply

Application Deadline
By 6:00 p.m. on the same day

Cancellation Policy
If unfortunately you will not be attending, please contact us,
Please fill out the form below.
Click here to cancel

Application Guidelines
Store Staff
Candidate for store general manager

Other Information
note (supplementary information) symbol Open Positions and ... and Frequently Asked Questions and more can be found on the employment information page.

You will find interviews with our office and store staff and articles about our internal systems.
MOTHERHOUSE People who make

Contact information for inquiries
03-5846-8814 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)

15 (金)
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