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Night 2: Creating Fukuoka's Future

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Garraway F
3,000 yen (tax included)

Invite a challenger who continues to challenge in Fukuoka as a guest,
night," which considers the future of the region and the future of Fukuoka.
The first installment, featuring Miki Sakai, representative of Fukumarche, The event was a full house and a lot of fun.

In this second installment of the series, three entrepreneurs and managers who continue to take on challenges in Fukuoka will be invited as guests to consider actions to create Fukuoka's future.

The first guest was Mitsuru Okuma, representative of Ukiha's Treasure.
Established a company in Ukiha City where grandmothers over 75 years old work and play an active role.
The challenge to create a society where the elderly are active and vibrant is also in the media. It was featured in numerous articles.
He is a very interesting person with a unique and outlandish point of view. Please look forward to seeing him.

The second guest was Ms. Naoko Kawaguchi, representative of the Minori no Sato Group.
In addition to providing care for the elderly and operating support facilities for people with disabilities,
Chocolate brand where people with disabilities play an active role
Operates the Kuon Chocolate Nogata store.
Recently, the pottery brand "MUTEI," which utilizes the designs of people with disabilities, has also been launched. We are expanding our business from dots to planes, such as starting
She is a terrific woman manager.

The third guest was Kazunari Hirano, representative of Wonderful Lear.
Tools of daily life that lie in old houses and other places,
We operate the "Tsunagi-Hagukumu Itonami no Tool Store," which connects the objects to their next users along with the stories associated with them. Working hard to turn a resource that would otherwise be thrown away into a business. He is a young entrepreneur.

Yamazaki will be the facilitator,
To explore tips on how Fukuoka and the region can shine even brighter, We will be discussing this with these three people.
With questions and comments from the audience along the way,
We will consider the future of Fukuoka.

This event brings together wonderful people.
A reception will be held after the event. We look forward to seeing you there.

Event Summary
Date: Wednesday, February 14, 19:00~22:00
Format: Talk session (90 minutes) + Reception (90 minutes)
Location: Garraway F
Fee: 3,000 yen (including tax and reception fee)

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Guest: Mitsuru Okuma

Representative Director, Ukiha no Takara Co.
Born in 1980, Ukiha City, Fukuoka, Japan, Manager & Designer

In his 20s, he founded a design firm.
Then to relearn what I could do to solve local problems, In April 2017, he enrolled at the Kyushu College of Professional Designer Gakuin to study Graphic Design and Social Design.

While in school, he became interested in social business from social design. After completing the second term of the BORDERLESS ACADEMY in Fukuoka, presided over by BORDERLESS Japan, which trains social entrepreneurs, she established "Ukiha no Takara K.K." in October 2019, a company that aims to help grandmothers in super-aging rural villages to gain a "purpose in life" and income by working. The company is promoting the creation of work and workplaces for grandmothers.

Guest: Naoko Kawaguchi

Representative Director, Minori no Sato Ltd.
Representative Director, Yuyu Co.
Representative of Kuon Chocolate Nogata
Representative of the ceramic brand MUTEI

Since 2004, he has been involved in the care of the elderly at "Minori no Sato Ltd. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the company's founding. During that time, she became a certified care manager and social worker.
In 2018, he established a company called "Yuyu Corporation" to support people with disabilities, and in 2020, he started "KYUON CHOCOLATE Nogata Store". Kuon Chocolate, which he started with the idea of "becoming a landmark in Nogata," has consistently achieved the top 3 sales out of 40 stores nationwide.

At the end of November of last year, the pottery brand "MUTEI" was launched as a "Denfuku Collaboration". The brand sells original ceramics created by top-notch potters based on the designs of people with disabilities, and made its first attempt at crowdfunding.

[Guest: Kazunari Hirano, Kazunari Hirano]

Connect and nurture, Itonami no utensil store
President of Wonderful Rear Co.

After graduating from high school and working in the manufacturing industry in Oita Prefecture, he started his own business at the age of 32.

When he was an office worker, he traveled around Kyushu by motorcycle on vacation.

 We are not interested in tourist attractions, but rather in areas and buildings that retain the "essence" of the region, He began to take an interest in the problems of depopulation and vacant houses.

The house was then vacated by my grandfather, who was a designer,
In witnessing the many remaining tools of daily life, He opened "Tsunagi-Hagukumu Itonami no Tool Store," a store that connects people to the next generation.
The theme of the store is "Connecting Lovely Cousins. is the theme of the store, It connects not only the tools but also the lives of the previous owners and the stories of the land.

Facilitator: Daisuke Yamazaki]

MOTHERHOUSE Vice President
Born in Tokyo in 1980.
After graduating from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Studies, he joined
Gold Mansachs Securities as an economist.

He decided to participate in the management of MOTHERHOUSE Corporation, which he had been involved in since before its establishment.
He became Executive Vice President in 2007 and Representative Director and Vice President in 2019. He travels overseas, mainly to developing countries, and is involved in both the marketing and production sides of the business.

He is also the leader of "Warm Heart, Cool Head.", a management seminar to "give shape to your thoughts". He is also an external director of Que Inc. and an external director of the Japan Blind Soccer Association.

For inquiries, please contact
MOTHERHOUSE Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store
Business hours: 10:00-20:00
Phone number: 092-791-6125

14 (水)
Garraway F
3,000 yen (tax included)
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