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Creating Fukuoka's Future night

12 (木)
Challengers Park byQTnet
3,000 yen


Daisuke Yamazaki

I am Yamazaki, Vice President.

An event that I am also excited about is starting in Fukuoka.
We will have an easygoing get-together to discuss the future of Fukuoka with everyone.
This is a "night to create the future of Fukuoka" to feel and think together.

It has been 14 years since MOTHERHOUSE was established in Fukuoka in 2009.
While various events have been held in Fukuoka,
For the past three years, due to the Corona disaster, we have not been able to hold events.
Now that society is once again on the move, we must rethink the future.
We are moving forward with such an event.

Each time, we spotlight local challengers who are creating the future of Fukuoka and Kyushu,
Yamazaki takes a close look at his life and actions in this conversation.
And we would like to have a dialogue with the participants.
While also making it easy to eat local food afterwards,
There will also be time for a reception.

The first guest for the discussion was Miki Sakai, representative of FUKUMARCHE.
To make Fukuoka more exciting for everyone,
He has been running marche events throughout Fukuoka, connecting food producers and consumers,
She is a wonderful person full of energy.
From why I moved to Fukuoka when I was 27 years old,
Fukuoka, and also my thoughts on Fukuoka and the people of Kyushu.
We would like to hear a lot about it.
The charm of the city of Fukuoka and what it needs for the future.
Why don't you and the participants think about it together?

We look forward to your participation.

Event Summary

Date: Thursday, October 12, 19:00-22:00
Format: Talk session (90 minutes) + Reception (90 minutes) (One drink and light meal included)
Location: Challengers Park by QTnet
Fee: 3,000 yen (including tax and reception fee)

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No refunds will be made for cancellations. Please understand this in advance.
*Tickets for the event will not be delivered. On the day of the event, please present the confirmation email you will receive after making a reservation at the reception desk.

Guest: Miki Sakai

Representative of FUKUMARCHE
Director, Tryfe Inc.

After working for an entrepreneurial consulting firm, he started his own business at the age of 25.

Started a web branding business for "people who live by their own name" and has produced over 300 websites for entrepreneurs, authors, athletes, etc.

At the age of 27, he moved to Fukuoka, a city he fell in love with.

We are opening the hotel of our dreams on Shiga Island, Fukuoka Prefecture. Inspired by the spirit and values of the people of Kyushu, we created it. Over 100 people from all over Kyushu participated in the renovation.

Under the slogan "Let's create our ideal city and future with our own hands! the company launched the FUKU MARCHE to connect producers and consumers. The event has been held at six locations and has attracted more than 180,000 people.

She conducts all business with her husband, Kentaro, who is a founding partner.
Working on the theme "Let's do a job we can be proud of for the next 100 years.

Facilitator: Daisuke Yamazaki

MOTHERHOUSE executive vice-president
Born in Tokyo in 1980. Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Studies,
Gold He joined Mansachs Securities as an economist.

He decided to join the management of MOTHERHOUSE, a company he had been involved with since before the company was founded,
He became Executive Vice President in 2007 and Representative Director and Vice President in 2007.
He travels overseas, mainly to developing countries, and is involved in both marketing and production.

He runs "Warm Heart, Cool Head.", a management seminar to "give shape to your thoughts".
He is an external director of Que Inc. and an external board member of the Japan Blind Soccer Association.

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MOTHERHOUSE Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store
TEL: 092-791-6125
Business hours: 10:00 - 20:00

12 (木)
Challengers Park byQTnet
3,000 yen


Daisuke Yamazaki

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