MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE Events Eriko Yamaguchi Talk Event - 17 Years of MOTHERHOUSE, Words Spun

Eriko Yamaguchi Talk Event - 17 Years of MOTHERHOUSE, Words Spun

19 (日)
Urbannet Nagoya


Eriko Yamaguchi

MOTHERHOUSE Representative and designer of Eriko Yamaguchi
Talk event will be held in Nagoya, Japan

Eriko Yamaguchi in Bangladesh.
MOTHERHOUSE It has been 17 years since the company was founded.

to the present day,
many encounters, partings, discoveries, setbacks, successes and
We have overcome many obstacles.

At each time, Eriko Yamaguchi has written about my thoughts and feelings
blog, SNS, and books.

In this event, we will discuss these words and
by looking back on the background and feelings of the time when the words were born.
The event will trace the history of MOTHERHOUSE and Eriko Yamaguchi, which cannot be expressed in a chronological table.

In addition, we will introduce the key points of ERIKO YAMAGUCHI's
The key points of the 2023 Spring/Summer collection are discussed from the designer's point of view.
the designer's point of view.

By knowing the points of particularity,
It is difficult to notice the collection only by looking at it in the store.
the collection, which is difficult to notice just by looking at the collection in stores.
The Spring/Summer collection is a collection of

The spring/summer collection
unisex items have been added to the lineup.
and unisex items are available for both men and women,
so all genders will be able to enjoy the collection.

After the event, from 12:00 to 13:00 at Nagoya flagship store in Hisaya-odori Park,
Yamaguchi will be available to welcome you at in Hisaya Odori Park from 12:00 to 13:00.

You are welcome to visit us at the store,
You do not need to register in advance to come to the store.
Please feel free to join us.

Event Outline

Date and time
3/19 (Sun) 10:30~ *Scheduled to last about 1 hour

Urbannet Nagoya Nexta Building 3F ROOM A
1 minute walk from Exit 3A and 3B of Hisaya-odori Station on Sakuradori Line and Meijo Line (directly connected to the underground mall)

Free of charge

Please register below.
Click here for application

For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact
MOTHERHOUSE Customer Service
TEL: 03-6240-1415 (weekdays 10:00-17:00)

19 (日)
Urbannet Nagoya


Eriko Yamaguchi

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