MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE Events Craftsmen Come to Japan: The 2nd "Craftsman Journey

Craftsmen Come to Japan: The 2nd "Craftsman Journey

11 (金)
〜Tuesday, ~15th
flagship store, Tachikawa flagship store, Yokohama flagship store, Nagoya flagship store Osaka flagship store

Craftsmen from MOTHERHOUSE production sites in six countries around the world will come and visit MOTHERHOUSE shops around Japan for the second "Craftsman Journey"!

Touring four cities (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Osaka), demonstrations of manufacturing and DIY classes that can be attended on the day of the event and more. This is an event that delivers amazing experiences that you can see, hear, and touch right in front of your eyes.

Please feel free to join us to interact with the world while in Japan, or to create memories of your summer vacation craftsmanship. No advance registration is required.

Highlights of the second session (1)
MOTHERHOUSE Babu, an inspection craftsman, came to Japan from "Bangladesh" where the company was founded!

Babu has been in charge of quality control at MOTHERHOUSE 's Bangladeshi factory, Matrighor, since 2012, and has now delivered countless bags and small leather goods to the world as the head of the quality control department.

Babu will take care of your bags and small leather goods. From leather care to bag color retouching, see how each item is carefully cared for just as it was before the actual Matrighor factory shipment.
*Color retouching may not be available depending on the condition of the bag.

Schedule of Babu's visit
Fri. 8/11 Tachikawa flagship store
Aug. 12 (Sat.) Yokohama flagship store
8/13(Sun.) Nagoya flagship store
Aug. 14 (Mon.) Osaka flagship store *The event will be cancelled due to an approaching typhoon.
8/15(Tue) Akihabara flagship store
*We will be at the store from open to about 3pm.
*There will be a one-hour break in between.
*Care is available for MOTHERHOUSE products.

Message from Mr. Babu to the people of Japan
I am very much looking forward to going to Japan!
I am now excited to meet many of our customers in person in Japan!
My whole family has been very supportive, and my daughter is 9 months old now, Relatives would come to support my wife. I am very happy that everyone is supporting me.
I want to see and learn a lot in Japan and bring it back to Matrighor!

Highlights of the 2nd DIY Week (2) Make it yourself and enjoy it!
During the Craftsman Journey, visitors can try their hand at making three types of small leather goods: cotton bags, leather earphone clips, and Rinne DIY key holders.

You can choose according to your preference and difficulty level, so the content can be enjoyed by the whole family, from small children to adults. Please feel free to join us.

DIY Week Details
Period: Friday, August 11 - Tuesday, August 15
Store: Akihabara flagship store (12:00 - 17:00)
Tachikawa flagship store (11am-5pm)
Yokohama flagship store (11am-5pm)
Nagoya flagship store (11:00-17:00) *Open from 11:00 only on Sunday, August 13
Osaka flagship store (11am-5pm)
Expenses: Free of charge You can participate by newly registering for one of the following
(i) Sign up for our newsletter
(iii) Posting a "user review" for your MOTHERHOUSE product

*No advance registration is required. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
*The number of DIY experiences is limited. Please understand that the number of DIY experiences is limited.
*If you have already registered for both (1) and (2), you can participate in the "User Review Submission" in (3).

To see the world, which usually seems so far away, before your eyes, so that you can enjoy new excitement, encounters with the world, and the possibilities of developing countries.
MOTHERHOUSE will continue to create such opportunities.

11 (金)
〜Tuesday, ~15th
flagship store, Tachikawa flagship store, Yokohama flagship store, Nagoya flagship store Osaka flagship store
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