MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE Events Online] Part-time clerical employment information session - Blanks and childcare workers are welcome.
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Online] Part-time clerical employment information session - Blanks and childcare workers are welcome.

19 (月)
19:00-20:15 (tentative)

MOTHERHOUSE for a part-time job at the office of the
For those interested, We will hold a recruitment information session.

MOTHERHOUSE In addition to the overall company description of the
We will explain the specific duties of each department in the office that is currently recruiting. I would like to ask you for your cooperation.
Also, We will also have time to answer your questions,
We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding specific benefits and working methods.

Currently at MOTHERHOUSE office, Part-time staff raising children and
Part-time staff who have returned to work after several years of work blanks, etc,
We have a wide variety of people with different previous jobs and experience.
You have demonstrated your abilities and are active in your respective teams.

After asking about your family situation and Kibou,
We will determine the days and hours of work,
Some want to work full time,
Is this way of working possible?" I said,
We would be happy to discuss your working style Kibou at the information session as well.

Online] Part-time office job fair - Blanks and childcare workers are welcome.

[Date and time].
Monday, February 19, 19:00 - 20:15 (tentative)

Application Deadline
16 until ...

Advance application required. Please apply using the form below.
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interpoint (interword separation) company overview
Staff Speakers
Talk Session
Q&A (using zoom's Q&A function)
Selection Guide

Cancellation Policy

If unfortunately you will not be attending, please contact us,
Please fill out the form below.
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Application Guidelines
Each of the part-time administrative positions is available at this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker) for more information.

Other Information
For more information. Recruitment information page for more information.

You can view interviews with our office and store staff.
Staff Interviews

Contact information for inquiries
03-5846-8814 (weekdays 10:00-18:00)

19 (月)
19:00-20:15 (tentative)
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