MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News A new way to enjoy necklaces, "Necklace Meguri - Necklace Tour" has started.
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A new way to enjoy necklaces, "Necklace Meguri - Necklace Tour" has started.


MOTHERHOUSE (Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Eriko Yamaguchi), a company with the philosophy of "Creating a global brand from developing countries," has launched "Necklace Meguri," a new way to select necklaces. By selling interchangeable chains and pendant tops separately, the company will offer a more flexible and versatile way to enjoy necklaces.

A New Way to Enjoy Necklaces: "Necklace Meguri
Under the new necklace sales method, the pendant top and chain of a necklace can be purchased as individual items. The "Meguri Chain," with its interchangeable motifs and adjustable length, is available in 18k gold or 10k gold.

Meguri Chain" with adjustable chain length (K18) 29,700 yen tax included / (K10) 16,500 yen tax included

After purchasing the Meguri Chain, you can enjoy various styling options by simply replacing only the top. Please choose your favorite motif and go around and enjoy the colorful brilliance.

Day and Night (Shizuku)" combining natural stones from Sri Lanka, 37,400 yen including tax (top only)
Kaben" motif from Indonesian traditional technique "filigree (line work)" 29,700 yen including tax (top only)

Example: "Kaben necklace (Gold)
Total price of pendant top and meguri chain (K18) = 59,400 yen including tax
Price of pendant top only = 29,700 yen including tax
(Reference: price before price revision = 37,400 yen including tax)

The product lineup of pendant tops can be viewed here.

Background of "Necklace Meguri
With the soaring price of gold, we were forced to review the selling price of our jewelry MOTHERHOUSE products and revised the prices on November 1. In the midst of such a situation, we decided to develop a sales method that allows customers to replace necklaces with new ones, in order to make the accessories that add color to their daily lives more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

About the necklace chain exchange service
In conjunction with the change in sales method, we will offer a paid replacement service for necklace chains purchased at MOTHERHOUSE that can be exchanged for Meguri Chains, which are interchangeable. (*Some items may not be eligible for this service due to specifications or materials.)
Location: JEWELRY MOTHERHOUSE Flagship Store ・Online store
Replacement price: (K18) 8,800 yen including tax / (K10) 6,600 yen including tax

About the [Commemorative Start] Limited Time Campaign
Two limited time offers are available for those who purchase a Meguri Chain or use the exchange service.

Meguri Chain Initial Engraving Service
Until 12/26 (Mon.), a rhombus-shaped plate will be attached to the Meguri Chain and engraved with your initials Kibou. This service is available until 12/26 (Fri.). You can make a one-of-a-kind special piece of jewelry as a reward for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones.
(* This service is available only at JEWELRY MOTHERHOUSE Flagship Store ・Online store)

Initials can be engraved on a diamond-shaped plate

(2) Original jewelry cloth as a gift
We will present you with an original jewelry cloth that allows you to easily care for your jewelry so that you can use your necklace with love and care for many years to come. (*Quantity limited. (*Quantity limited. Will end as soon as all are gone.)

Original jewelry cloth as a gift

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