MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News Narita Airport Terminal 1 Branch opens on Thursday, February 1!

Narita Airport Terminal 1 Branch opens on Thursday, February 1!


Thank you for your continued support of MOTHERHOUSE.

On Thursday, February 1, at the gateway to Japan, the Narita Airport A new store at MOTHERHOUSE will open in

The lineup includes bags and small leather goods that can be used at the destination, as well as scarves that can be quickly woven during the flight to make your trip more exciting.

We will also offer LITTLE M OTHER HOUSE chocolates that are perfect as souvenirs and items exclusive to the Narita Airport store. Care service will be available at the store, so you can take advantage of leather maintenance before your departure.

Please feel free to stop by when you use Narita Airport.

From Mamun, Factory Manager, Bangladesh

Airports are mirrors of a country's history, culture, trends, and fashion.

We, MOTHERHOUSE, are a Japanese fashion brand, but also a bridge between the world and developing countries. It is a great pleasure for us to have the opportunity to share our philosophy "Creating a global brand from developing countries" with the world.

The thought of being able to convey our presence and pride to a wider audience at airports where people from all over the world come and go, inspires enthusiasm and vitality to create unique products from developing countries.

We face various challenges every day, and the opening of the Narita Airport branch is a big step forward in showing the world the potential of developing countries. It is a completely new challenge, but we are a team that can lead the way to success with our utmost efforts.

New challenges come with difficulties, but at the same time they are full of possibilities to learn and become stronger as we move closer to achieving our dreams. This step into the world will strengthen our significance through our products and philosophy.

One of our challenges is to open a store in Narita on February 1, please look forward to it.

Thank you very much.
Abdullah Mamun

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Nippon Charm" limited to Narita Airport

Japanese lucky charms
This is a leather charm with a motif of inlaying(The piece is carefully crafted using the zogan technique, wishing you good luck on your journey.

Nippon Charms (Mt. Fuji / Otafuku / Daruma / Uchide no Kozuchi)
3,080 yen each (tax included)

■Store Information
Opening date: Thursday, February 1, 2024
Store Name:MOTHERHOUSE Narita Airport Terminal 1 Store
Address: Narita International Airport Terminal 1, Central Building, Main Bldg. 4F, 1-1 Goryo Farm, Sanrizuka, Narita, Chiba, Japan
Phone: 0476-32-4888
Hours of operation: 8:00 - 21:00

Inquiries regarding this matter
MOTHERHOUSE Customer Service
Phone number: 03-6240-1415 (weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00)
Email :

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