MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News [Nagoya flagship store Special Exhibition] Jute Exhibition: Golden Threads, the Transition.

[Nagoya flagship store Special Exhibition] Jute Exhibition: Golden Threads, the Transition.


MOTHERHOUSE We have received a good reputation in Jute Exhibition: Golden Threads in Transition. to, The event will now also be held at Nagoya flagship store.

Jute is called "golden thread" in Bangladesh.
The brownish-brown jute you often see is called yellow hemp (koma).
It is made from green plants.

Reaping yellow hemp that grows to 2 to 3 meters in six months,
Fermented in water, peeled and dried,
The core is twisted and woven to make jute fabric.

At the time of its establishment in 2006, Bangladesh was considered the poorest country in the world,
It is the world's second largest producer of jute and the world's largest exporter.

Eriko Yamaguchi, president and designer, encountered jute in Bangladesh. (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps
Making 160 bags was the beginning of MOTHERHOUSE.

It has been 17 years since the company was founded.

MOTHERHOUSE In the pursuit of the possibilities of materials, we have been working on the development of new materials and the development of new products,
We have improved the jute fabric many times.

To make prickly jute smooth and soft,
Stone-washed "washed jute".

By making the yarn thinner for "lightness."
Airy Jute" with a distinguished elegance.

In 2023, we will use the thinnest yarn we have ever used,
We have developed a "sarari jute" with a delicate herringbone pattern.

In this jute exhibition, each period
You can see the actual fabrics and bags on display.

Also in pre-twisted jute and fabrics of various ages,
You can actually touch and feel the difference.

We hope you will enjoy the transition.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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