MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News October 11 (Wed.) - October 17 (Tue.) Limited time store in Kanazawa and Korinbo Yamato

October 11 (Wed.) - October 17 (Tue.) Limited time store in Kanazawa and Korinbo Yamato


Thank you for your continued support of MOTHERHOUSE.

We will open a limited time store at Korinbo Yamato in Kanazawa for a week from October 11 (Wed) to October 17 (Tue). This will be the first store to open in Hokuriku.

In addition to the new fall/winter bags, we will also offer a wide variety of the brand's signature lineup, including the "Kazematou Backpack" that feels as if the wind is blowing on your back, and the "Shizuku" series necklaces and earrings that allow you to enjoy the combination of natural stones from Sri Lanka. The brand's representative lineup will be abundantly available.

We hope you will take this opportunity to stop by for a short time.

Exclusive service only at Korinbo Yamato Store

Pre-order service
Kibou I'd like to see it in person. We offer an advance pick-up service so that you can view the exhibition at the venue. Please take advantage of this opportunity to take your time and compare the products you are interested in.
*Limit 3 per person.
Products subject to order: Bags, accessories, stoles, jewelry
*Reception period: Thursday, October 5

Click here to apply

Care Sheet Present
To ensure long and worry-free use of our leather bags and small leather goods, we present customers who purchase leather bags and small leather goods with aftercare products that can be easily cared for at home.

Outline of the pop-up store
Period: October 11 (Wed) - October 17 (Tue)
Location: Special installation in front of the escalator on the 2nd floor of Korinbo Yamato
Business hours: 10:00 - 19:00

MOTHERHOUSE Customer Service
Weekdays 10:00-17:00

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