MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News MOTHERHOUSE 's efforts in response to the earthquake in western Nepal

MOTHERHOUSE 's efforts in response to the earthquake in western Nepal


The other day, 2021 6 As we have informed you of our support for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2011, Nepal, our country of production, has also been hit by a large-scale earthquake.

The epicenter was located in western Nepal, 2023 counter for years (following a number in the hito-futa-mi counting system) 11 month 3 Magnitude on the day 6.4 The earthquake occurred in the
also now 6 More than 10,000 people are exposed to the winter cold, but global coverage has been limited and aid continues to be in short supply.

MOTHERHOUSE Although there is no damage at our affiliated workshop, which is the production base of MOTHERHOUSE, we have offered scarves in light of the situation in Nepal, which we have been working with as the second largest producer after Bangladesh.

In addition, you can also use the social points you have accumulated on your membership card to 50 The company utilized ¥10,000,000 worth of funds to distribute winter kits.

MOTHERHOUSE A victim wearing a scarf of (Courtesy of ADRA)

Procurement and distribution of supplies is an international cooperation NGO ADRA Nepal Chapter of the ADRA Nepal (Courtesy of ADRA (Nepal)) (Courtesy of ADRA)

Local NGO with those of the ADRA Nepal Mr. Watanabe (from right to left) of 2 (No. 2).
We sent relief supplies along with a message written in Nepali, "Please be careful. (Courtesy of ADRA)

With Ushidome, Nepal Project Manager ADRA Nepal Mr. Shrestha, Mr. Watanabe, Dr. Suman

Ushidome, in charge of Nepal, will provide details of the support for the affected areas.
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■ Report on ADRA's support
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About Social Point Card
MOTHERHOUSE We issue a "Social Point Card" as a customer membership card. This point card is issued to customers who purchase 2,000 per yen 1 Points will be awarded. 25 You said you can accumulate points, 1,500 The amount of ¥3.00 will be discounted for customers' purchases, 1,000 The amount of ¥3,000 is allocated to social contribution activities and support activities that are beyond the reach of our regular business.
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