MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News New store opening greeting (Narita Airport Terminal 1, Kitamura)

New store opening greeting (Narita Airport Terminal 1, Kitamura)

Thank you for your continued patronage of MOTHERHOUSE.

My name is Mitsuki Kitamura, and I am the manager of the Narita Airport Terminal 1 store.

For the first time in Japan, MOTHERHOUSE will be opening a store in the symbolic location of an airport.

I am very excited about the prospect of meeting a diverse range of guests from around the world, including those who will be traveling abroad.

We will do our best to welcome you to a place where you can spend a moment before your trip or business trip and have a memorable experience.

We will accelerate our global challenge from here, and all of our team members will enjoy the various actions we are taking.

Please feel free to stop by when you visit Narita Airport.

Narita Airport Terminal 1 Store Manager
Mizuki Kitamura
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