MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News 4/21 (Fri) Opening of Nagoya Meitetsu Store

4/21 (Fri) Opening of Nagoya Meitetsu Store


Thank you for your continued support of MOTHERHOUSE.

Nagoya Station is easily accessible from Gifu and Mie.
At the center of it all is the Meitetsu Department Store, long a customer favorite, at flagship store,
MOTHERHOUSE The new store will be the first of its kind in the world.

First display in Tokai region
Backpack wall displays that lead up to the ceiling and,
Plenty of natural wood imported from all over the world is used.
The interior is the first of its kind in the Tokai region, including a store with a sense of materiality.

Nagoya flagship store Please enjoy a different atmosphere from that of the Hoshigaoka and Hoshigaoka branches.

Leather charm gift from Nana-chan collaboration
Wednesday, April 26 - Tuesday, May 9,
For customers who purchase 3,300 yen (including tax) or more
A limited edition Nana-chan collaboration leather charm will be given away.

*Limited quantity. Will end as soon as they are gone.

Meitetsu Nagoya Store's official LINE account is now available!
The latest news will be brought to you by the staff of Meitetsu Nagoya Store.
Please add "Nagoya Meitetsu Store" to your favorite stores.
The official LINE account is this way (direction close to the speaker or towards the speaker) from (e.g. time, place, numerical quantity)

MOTHERHOUSE Nagoya Meitetsu Store
Opening date: April 21 (Friday)
Location: Women's sundries department, 1F, Meitetsu Department Store, Honkan

We are looking forward to meeting many of our customers.
The entire staff looks forward to serving you.

■Contact information until opening
MOTHERHOUSE Customer Service
Phone number: 03-6240-1415 (weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00)

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