MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News Monday 10/9 Jewelry MOTHERHOUSE Osaka flagship store opens

Monday 10/9 Jewelry MOTHERHOUSE Osaka flagship store opens


Thank you for your continued patronage of MOTHERHOUSE.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our first jewelry specialty store in western Japan on Monday, October 9 (national holiday).

The location is NU Chayamachi (Kita-ku, Osaka) where MOTHERHOUSE Osaka flagship store is located.
Osaka flagship store In addition to the bags and leather goods offered by the company, customers will now be able to see a wide range of jewelry in one location.

Special interior design and a wide selection of products that only a specialty store can offer

The store's interior is decorated with natural materials in a relaxed space that accentuates the jewels that are the bounty of the earth. Komatsu stones from the Hakone volcano, delivered from Manazuru Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture, are used in abundance.

In addition, as a jewelry specialty store, MOTHERHOUSE we have a rich lineup of items that you can see in our stores, as well as items that we have not been able to show you.

THE POWER OF STONE" Special Exhibit

Even our local partners who are well versed in the Sri Lankan gemstone market have limited access to bicolor sapphires in excess of 1 carat.

We wanted to share with you the excitement we received in Sri Lanka, so our representative and designer, Mr. Yamaguchi, designed a ring in which each stone shines at its best, and created a special jewelry piece that is completely one-of-a-kind.

Also, you can see "THE CUSTOMIZE", which is a customized ring made of rare Blue Sapphire.

Please take a look at the miraculous crystalline brilliance created by the earth, which can only be seen here in western Japan.

Click here to visit the special site.

Kobako Series Osaka flagship store Limited Colors

The "Kobako" series necklaces, based on the concept of a small treasure box, are now available in three limited-edition colors at Osaka flagship store.

You can see all 8 colors including rose quartz, rutile quartz, and White quartz only at Osaka flagship store.

flagship store Special Services
In addition to the full range of jewelry available at MOTHERHOUSE, we also offer services unique to flagship store, such as bridal rings and an engraving service in an original wooden box.

We look forward to welcoming you to our special space, special services, and limited edition jewelry, which only a specialty store can offer.

■Jewelry MOTHERHOUSE Osaka flagship store
Opening date: Monday, October 9 (national holiday)
Location: NU Chayamachi (Kita-ku, Osaka)

■For inquiries until the opening, please contact
MOTHERHOUSE Customer service contact
Phone number: 03-6240-1415 (weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00)

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