MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News MOTHERHOUSE The apparel brand "E. (E.)" of the company "E." has launched a new line bearing the name of the designer Eriko Yamaguchi- Beyond the difference, something in common.
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MOTHERHOUSE The apparel brand "E. (E.)" of the company "E." has launched a new line bearing the name of the designer Eriko Yamaguchi- Beyond the difference, something in common.


MOTHERHOUSE (Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Eriko Yamaguchi), whose philosophy is "Creating a global brand from developing countries," has announced the launch of a new apparel line "ERIKO YAMAGUCHI" under the apparel brand E. (E.), which will be available from September 3, 2022 (Saturday). The new line, named after the designer herself, is a collection line that expresses her own world view through fashion items such as clothes, bags, and jewelry. Utilizing the skills of Asian craftsmen and materials from around the world, the line proposes a world view without boundaries that can be worn by overcoming differences in nationality, gender, age, and other factors.

About "ERIKO YAMAGUCHI" - Brand Concept and Characteristics

Since its launch in 2019, the apparel brand "E." has been pursuing new possibilities of natural materials, focusing on Indian cotton "kadi". The new E. line is designed to bring out new possibilities of natural materials that are not only Natural unique, but also modern silhouettes and colors that fit in the city, while valuing the oriental sense of "wearing cloth" and the unique sense of fun that natural materials have, such as "swaying" and "sagging.

We are not "nothing" but "something". Our goal is to bring out the "uniqueness" that is not bound by existing concepts.

The designs born from a thorough dialogue with the materials, without being bound by existing concepts, and without being conscious of "femininity" or even "masculinity," derive a borderless expression that is not limited by gender or age, and change their expression to match the mood and body shape of the wearer.

The concept of the first season is "Beyond the difference, something in common. A world without boundaries beyond differences. Overcoming nationality, gender, age, and various other differences, and beyond that, finding something in common such as understanding and joy. We will put such philosophy into our items and propose a world view without boundaries that can be worn.

ERIKO YAMAGUCHI〉2022AW Collection Movie

A series designed with a sense of "wearing cloth" and physicality at its core.

Matou Coat 8 wale Corduroy (JPY 53,900)

< Matou Coat 8 wale Cordury >
A coat with a distinctive open collar, tailored with a heavy and shiny corduroy material. While it is a generous size that wraps around the entire body, it can be worn with a top for a clean look. The use of Gold zippers in the details adds an elegant accent, making this a piece that can be used in a wide range of situations.

Matou Light Outer 56dt twill Khadi (¥42,900)

< Matou Light Outer 56dt twill Khadi >
This outerwear makes full use of 100% hand-spun, hand-woven fabrics with a warmth overflowing. The lightness of the material and the generous design of the shoulders, arms, and body width give the garment a "wrap-around" feel. The softness of the fabric creates a silhouette that fits any body type without looking oversized, even if worn by a slender person. This unisex, one-size-fits-all design embodies the brand's philosophy.

This series is inspired by the "obi" (belt) of the kimono. The distinctive belt allows for a variety of styling possibilities and functionality.

Obi Reversible One-piece 0 Khadi (¥42,900)

< Obi Reversible One-piece 0 Khadi >
In addition to the belt portion that resembles an obi, this one-piece can be worn either front or back, allowing you to enjoy four different looks.

METAMO is derived from the word "metamorphosis. The silhouette is transformed by the elasticity of the fabric, depending on the person who wears it. It creates the right fit for your body shape.

Metamo Knit Tunic Wool Lycra (JPY 39,600)

< Metamo Knit Tunic Wool Lycra >
This unisex pullover is softly knit from high-quality wool yarn. The dolman sleeves made of soft knit and the length that completely covers the hips create a relaxed feeling. A versatile piece for any body type and any gender.

Bags and accessories for mode styling

The "Tama Mini Bag" is full of charm with its dull eyes and pinned ears. The silhouette is made of a single soft piece of leather, giving it a plump, three-dimensional appearance. Whether carried by hand or on the shoulder, it adds an accent to your styling. The "Kinoko Bag" is inspired by the organic form of a mushroom, and while it features organic curves, the leather is made of resilient and glossy Black leather, giving it a solely mode impression. MAMETA (ring and earrings)" is inspired by the shape of a "seed" and decorated with "wood fossil" and "chalcedony" from Indonesia. 5 different stones, each with its own unique expression, colorfully adorn the hand and ear.

Tama Mini Bag (24,200 yen)

Kinoko Bag (45,100 yen)

Mameta (Ring)14,300 yen / Mameta (Pierced Earring)8,800 yen

Message from the designer Eriko Yamaguchi on the launch of the new line

MOTHERHOUSE Sixteen years after its establishment, I decided to start a new line within E. because I wanted to climb to a stage where I can express my world view 100% "myself" as a designer. In the line with my own name, I want to express myself very honestly and straightforwardly. I want to dig up my "as is" self, and say, "Oh, this is me, this is me! I want to make clothes that make you rediscover yourself, even if it is abstract.

I am looking for "something in common" rather than "differences" such as age, gender, or nationality. I will continue to deliver "ERIKO YAMAGUCHI" with such philosophy in my fashion items.

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Launch date: Saturday, September 3, 2022
web: https: //

[Eriko Yamaguchi (Representative Director and Chief Designer) Profile
Born in Saitama, Japan in 1981. After graduating from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Studies and Bangladesh BRAC Graduate School of Development Studies with a Master's degree, he established MOTHERHOUSE, Inc. with the mission of "Creating a global brand from developing countries". While working as a manager, he also designs bags, jewelry, and apparel products as a designer for three brands: "M OTHER HOUSE," "Jewelry M OTHER HOUSE," and "E. (E.). He was selected as "NEXT LEADERS 2020" by WWD Japan. He is the author of "Third Way" (Hadaka Demo Ikiru).

About E.
E. is an apparel brand born in 2019 from MOTHERHOUSE." Fabric of Freedom With the concept of "Cloth that Cloaks You in Freedom", E. produces and sells apparel products by pursuing new possibilities of natural materials. The brand's signature material, "Kadi," is a hand-spun and hand-woven cotton fabric called "Fabric of Freedom" because of its role in the history of Indian independence. The threads spun one by one by craftsmen have "non-uniformity" and produce not only a three-dimensional texture, which can be recognized by the touch, but also air permeability and a soft texture that makes the fabric comfortable to wear.

Creating a global brand from developing countries Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been producing fashion items in Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar, utilizing the materials and cultures of each of these six countries. As of July 2022, the company operates 36 stores in Japan, 4 stores in Taiwan, 1 store in Hong Kong, and 1 store in Singapore.

[company overview]
Company name Kabushiki Kaisha, Ltd. MOTHERHOUSE
Location NSK Building 2F, 2-27-3 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Established March 9, 2006
Capital 27,950,000 yen
Business Description Planning, production, and quality guidance of apparel products and sundries in developing countries, and sales of the same products in developed countries
Representative Eriko Yamaguchi

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