MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News First real "Thanks Event" in three years, an annual event to express gratitude to customers and to show the current situation in developing countries.
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First real "Thanks Event" in three years, an annual event to express gratitude to customers and to show the current situation in developing countries.


MOTHERHOUSE (Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Eriko Yamaguchi), whose philosophy is "Creating a global brand from developing countries," will hold its annual "Thanksgiving Event" on Saturday, September 3, to express its gratitude to its customers.

This year's theme is "Meet Again.
The "Thanks Event" has been held once a year since the establishment of the company to express our gratitude to our customers, and this year's theme, the first real event in three years, is "Meet Again. We will reunite with our customers and deliver encounters with the challenges and possibilities of developing countries through a real venue in Ginza where you can enjoy the event all day long and an online broadcast that can be enjoyed from anywhere.

The opening program "Meet Again -MOTHERHOUSE now and in the future" (10:30-12:00) will feature the president of Eriko Yamaguchi, Daisuke Yamazaki, vice president, and special guests! We will enjoy meeting with our customers and tell you about the present and future of MOTHERHOUSE. We will also be the first to unveil our new fall/winter collection, which is full of possibilities for developing countries.

2019 Event

ERIKO YAMAGUCHI TALK & FASHION SHOW" (13:15-14:00 / 14:45-15:30) will feature a fashion show expressing the world view of the new apparel line "ERIKO YAMAGUCHI" and the designer Yamaguchi himself will share his thoughts and philosophy. The Ginza venue will feature a limited shop. At the Ginza venue, a limited store will be open. Visitors will be able to try on and purchase products that will go on sale that day.

In addition, there will be a variety of other programs including a new product development meeting for the food brand "Little M OTHER HOUSE," a fan meeting to think about the future of MOTHERHOUSE while having fun, a 30-minute short program to enjoy a local tour with craftsmen via live broadcast, and DIY of small leather goods to be held at all times.

Three DIY menus are available (photo: photo frame)

Time schedule for the day of 9.3 (Sat.)

For program details and registration, please check the official website

What is Thanksgiving Event?
MOTHERHOUSE In March 2006, when the company was just founded, "The best products born in developing countries are sold with a story behind them. We were thinking, "We will sell the best products born in developing countries with a story behind them." We had no store at that time, and we were selling only on the web and wholesale. We could not see our customers' faces and did not know how they were using our bags. Under such circumstances, we wanted to create a place where we could talk directly with customers. This was the beginning of our "Thanks Event" (customer appreciation event). The first event was attended by less than 50 customers, but we felt the joy of being able to directly interact with everyone. We decided to continue this event no matter what the size of the company. It is a place where we can be in direct contact with our customers. It is also a place where people can see the future of MOTHERHOUSE. That's what the Thanksgiving Event is all about.

Creating a global brand from developing countries Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been producing fashion items that make the most of the materials and cultures of Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar, for a total of six countries. As of July 2022, we have 36 stores in Japan, 4 stores in Taiwan, 1 store in Hong Kong, and 1 store in Singapore.

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