MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News Thanksgiving Event 2023 Tickets now available for pre-purchase

Thanksgiving Event 2023 Tickets now available for pre-purchase


Artisans from the producing countries will come to Japan MOTHERHOUSE Our largest event, the Thanksgiving Event, will provide an opportunity to see, hear, and experience the future and possibilities of manufacturing in developing countries.

For the 2023 Thanksgiving Event, two staff members from Bangladesh, where the company was founded, will be visiting Japan.

MOTHERHOUSE Munna has been working with Yamaguchi, the president and designer, since before the company was founded. And Morshed, the one and only craftsman who reads Yamaguchi's designs and completes the bags.

The path taken by MOTHERHOUSE before the dawn of time and up to the present day, when the brand began its journey toward its dream, will be told for the first time through two people who know the early days of the brand --- and the future that envisions.

The future that MOTHERHOUSE envisions will be shared with you through talk events and hands-on programs.

We look forward to seeing you at the event, where we have prepared a full day of fun programs including limited edition gourmet foods and exclusive stores.

For more details and to purchase tickets, please click here.

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