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  • Model height 183cm, wearing gray

  • Model height 183cm wearing Black

  • Model height 162cm wearing gray

  • Model height 181cm wearing Black

  • Model height 181cm, wearing gray

  • Model height 165cm wearing Black

  • Model height 165cm wearing gray

Koiki Balloon Rib Pants Royal Soft

¥44,000 (incl. tax)


*This product is scheduled to go on sale in mid-October.


These unisex pants are tailored in a wide, rounded silhouette with a sense of presence and playfulness.
The smooth fabric with a glossy sheen and heavy dark tone coloring create a chic impression, while having a moderately rough feel.
The elastic waist provides stress-free comfort. It can be worn with a variety of styling styles, including casual and mode.
Enjoy styling it lightly with a blouse or shirt in the fall, or with light or heavy knits in the winter.
The Koiki Balloon Rib Pant 0 Khadi Slub is also available in the same design, made of a richly woven fabric.


Royal Soft

A lustrous 100% wool fabric from India. The high density and moderate thickness of the fabric gives it a luxurious finish. The surface is felted to give it a slightly raised texture. It is smooth and soft to the touch, yet has a high quality and beautiful coloring.


Size ①Waist Hip Inseam Inseam ⑤Hip width
M 72cm-M 34cm 27.5cm 27.5cm

All garments are laid flat on a flat table and measured outside dimensions.
Individual differences of 1 to 2 cm may occur during the production process even for the same product.


素材 Body: 100% wool, Ribbed part: 70% acrylic, 30% wool
取扱方法 Due to the characteristics of the material, frizz and pilling may occur due to friction when worn or cleaned. If furballs occur, please take care of them as soon as possible using a furball remover or the like. Dry cleaning is recommended. Please use a cloth for ironing.
生産地 India

Koiki Balloon Rib Pants Royal soft store D000406

Koiki Balloon Rib Pants Royal Soft



Koiki Balloon Rib Pants Royal soft store D000406
¥44,000 (税込)


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Koiki Balloon Rib Pants Royal soft store D000406

¥44,000(incl. tax)