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Tama Mini Bag

¥24,200 (incl. tax)


  • BM42-アンバーキャメル / NONE
  • BM06-アイボリーホワイト / NONE

This product is available at the online store, ERIKO YAMAGUCHI Tokyu Plaza Ginza store, and some stores of E. MOTHERHOUSE.


A cat mini bag with dull eyes and pinned ears. The silhouette is made of a soft single piece of leather, and has a plump, three-dimensional shape. The cat's long tail serves as a zipper pull, and the playful tail moves every time the bag is opened. The compact size is recommended for storing keys, earphones, eye drops, and other small items.

It can be used not only as a hand-held bag, but also as a bag that can be hung diagonally by replacing the shoulder strap, making it suitable for a short trip out and about. The black cat is mature, the white cat is pure, and Camel is a bit tomboyish. Please enjoy going out in various styles with Tama, each with its own personality.


The natural grain (fine unevenness on the leather surface) is a characteristic of leather, which brings out the original character of leather. The organic and natural texture of the leather is attractive because the size of the grain differs slightly depending on the part of the leather used, rather than a uniform grain pressed by a mold.


サイズ H14cm x W6.5cm x D9cm
Shoulder length: max. 137cm
重量 約200g
素材 Exterior: cowhide
Interior: cotton, cowhide
生産地 Bangladesh matrighor Factories

Tama Mini Bag

Tama Mini Bag



  • BM42-アンバーキャメル / NONE
  • BM06-アイボリーホワイト / NONE
  • Amber camel
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  • Ivory White
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Tama Mini Bag
¥24,200 (税込)


  • BM42-アンバーキャメル / NONE

    Amber camel

  • BM06-アイボリーホワイト / NONE

    Ivory White

Amber camel
Amber camel/NONE
Ivory White
Ivory White/NONE
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I am a designer at Eriko Yamaguchi. I would like to share with you where my inspiration came from and what I am particular about when I am making a product.

Animals are an essential part of my worldview. I love animals very much, and I have made animals using a variety of materials, including leather goods, paintings, ceramics, and gold.

I also have a feeling that humans, nature, and animals are in a parallel relationship, and I want to learn from, respect, and protect nature, and I feel the same way about animals.
Because they are such beings, after I finished making the garments, I impulsively thought, "I want to go out with animals.

To be honest, I am not really interested in so-called elegance. I want to value playfulness and the spirit of mischief, regardless of age.
Animals are always the core of that playful spirit.
Clothes are cool! and the sundries and accessories make me giggle and smile!

This season there are a lot of black clothes, and something that goes with them, and something that feels a little bit attached to them, but is independent and not flirtatious. ・・・・
So I decided to include a "kitten" in the look!
A black dress and a black cat... I was alone in my fantasy of the world of The Witch's Delivery Service.

Until Tama was created.

The three-dimensional cat was created by preparing a cat-shaped piece of clay, covering it with leather, and cutting a slit in it to match the curves of the clay.
The amazing thing about this cat is that the pattern is made almost entirely from one piece of paper (except for the tail and ears). (except for the tail and ears).
The head, body, and legs are all on one sheet of paper.
Where there is a bulge, it is tucked, and the paws, for example, are completed by layering leather.

And the cheeks of the face were designed with cutouts to give it a lovely expression. For the nose, we use a small rivet, a metal fitting, and wrap very thin strips of leather around the rivet and attach it to the metal fitting.

The eyes are made in the same way, with leather wrapped around the metal fittings.

The ears are the most difficult part of the design.
In fact, the angle and size of the ears were never quite right, and I kept revising them, thinking that they didn't look cat-like. In the end, I said, "Make them a little bigger, and the angle is perfectly up and pinned!" .

Finally, when the cat was finally made, I intuitively, without any logical explanation, named it "Tama" (meaning "Tama is a cat"). and gave it a name. (In my mind, I envisioned a Japanese cat, not a Western cat, but a cat with a somewhat Showa-era flavor.)

And finally, please pay attention to the tail!
The zipper puller on this one is a tail, and every time you open the zipper, the tail expands and contracts. LOL!
How much more dynamic can you get?

The finished Tama can be worn on a diagonal with a shoulder strap, or carried in a cute hand-held style.

What will fit inside?
Of course you can't put your cell phone in it, but I put my lipstick, keys, and candy in it. TAMA is always with me when I go out for a little bit.
The black cat is mature, the white one is pure, and Camel is a little naughty. Please enjoy the difference of each character♪

Tama Mini Bag

¥24,200(incl. tax)