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  • Model height 169cm wearing oxford Light Gray
    The layered style of dress and pants creates a soft and fluffy atmosphere.

  • Model height 169cm wearing Oxford Light Black

  • landscape orientation

  • behind

  • leaning forward at the beginning of the neck

  • Leaning on the Sleeve

  • leaning out of a pocket

  • kimono with completely attached sleeves (i.e. lacking an opening on the side under the armpit)

  • bias of the body

  • Oxford Light Gray

  • Oxford Light Black

Oxford Khadi Dolman One-piece

¥37,400 (incl. tax)


  • NOG0S-オックスフォードライトグレー / M
  • NOK9A-オックスフォードブラック / M

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This product is only available at E. directly-managed stores, E. stores at , and online store.


This dress has a simple yet unique design, made of hand-spun and hand-woven kadi. The waist is adjustable with a soft bag handle core material and a matching strap. When the waist is cinched, the hem expands moderately, creating a clean and beautiful silhouette. For a more relaxed look, we recommend not tightening the waistband.
The difference in the hem from front to back gives it a loose look, so it can be worn with pants or leggings for a well-balanced look. When worn with a skirt, it has a Natural taste. This is one piece that can be changed depending on your styling.


Cady Oxford

Kadi, a hand-spun and hand-woven cotton fabric from India, is used. The warp is made of 15-count yarns of yellow yarn and the weft of 15-count yarns of colored yarn, woven together in a plain weave, giving the oxford a light and airy feel despite its thick count. It is breathable, and you can enjoy the unique texture of handspun and hand-woven fabrics.
The thicker the yarn, the smaller the yarn count number, and the thicker the fabric.


Size 1. Length Body width 3.Length from sleeve to sleeve
M size 112.5cm 66.5cm 73.5cm

All garments are laid flat on a flat table and measured outside dimensions.
Individual differences of 1 to 2 cm may occur during the production process, even for the same product.


素材 Cotton: 100%.
アテンション Kadhi, produced by hand spinning and hand weaving, is characterized by its uneven texture, which can only be achieved by handwork. Therefore, uneven weaving, weaving flaws, and thread seams may occur in some parts.
Dark-colored items may cause color migration due to friction while being worn or in a damp condition. Please be careful when wearing the garment over light-colored garments.
In case of color migration, please wash the garment immediately.
取扱方法 Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach.
When washing in a washing machine, please wash on a low setting, such as hand wash mode.
Dark-colored products may cause color migration, so please wash separately from white and light-colored clothes.
Please use a laundry net when washing.
After washing, please take out the product immediately and hang dry in the shade after shaping. Please avoid tumbler drying.
Due to the nature of the fabric, it may shrink slightly.
Please use a cloth for ironing.
生産地 India

Oxford Khadi Dolman One-piece

Oxford Khadi Dolman One-piece



  • NOG0S-オックスフォードライトグレー / M
  • NOK9A-オックスフォードブラック / M
Oxford Khadi Dolman One-piece
¥37,400 (税込)


  • NOG0S-オックスフォードライトグレー / M

    Oxford Light Gray

  • NOK9A-オックスフォードブラック / M

    Oxford Black

Oxford Light Gray
Oxford Light Gray/M
Oxford Black
Oxford Black/M
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Oxford Khadi Dolman One-piece

¥37,400(incl. tax)