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  • Model height 183cm White /Wearing L

  • Model height 183cm wearing gray/L

  • Model height 168cm wearing White /M

  • Model height 168cm wearing gray/M

  • Model height 168cm wearing Black /M

  • Front leaning

  • pushing to the side

  • back leaning

  • leaning forward at the beginning of the neck

  • Leaning around the arm

  • Leaning around the arm (arms outstretched)

  • kimono with completely attached sleeves (i.e. lacking an opening on the side under the armpit)

  • White

  • gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)

  • Black

Sarari Pullover Cotton Gauze

¥19,800 (incl. tax)


  • NWHNO-ホワイト / M
  • NGYNO-グレー / M
  • NBKNO-ブラック / M

*This product is available at the online store, ERIKO YAMAGUCHI Tokyu Plaza Ginza store, and some stores of E., MOTHERHOUSE. Please click here for details.


This unisex top is made of gauze material with excellent breathability. The two-layered gauze material is soft to the touch and lightweight, as if filled with air. The design around the shoulders has drop shoulders and a slightly wide neckline for a relaxed feel. It is easy to put on and take off and can be worn like a T-shirt.

The relaxed silhouette makes it ideal for wearing with slim pants to achieve a beautiful balance. It is a versatile item that can be easily combined with a variety of items.


W gauze

This gauze fabric is made in Bangladesh and has excellent air permeability. The two-layered gauze fabric is soft to the touch and lightweight, as if filled with air. It does not wrinkle easily even when folded, and you can enjoy its fluffy and light texture.


Size ①Length Shoulder width Body width Sleeve length
M 68.5cm 56cm 55.8cm 23cm
L 72cm 61cm 62cm 28cm

All garments are laid flat on a flat table and measured outside dimensions.
Even for the same product, there may be 1-2cm individual differences during the production process.


素材 Cotton: 100%.
アテンション This product is made of delicate fabric, so please be careful not to let it get caught on protruding objects such as watches, accessories, belts, etc. Please be sure to use a net when washing.
Dark-colored products may cause color migration when wet or when worn with friction. Please be careful when wearing the garment over light-colored garments. In case of color migration, please wash the garment as soon as possible.
取扱方法 Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach. Dark-colored products may cause color migration, so please wash separately from white and light-colored clothes.
Please use a net when washing. After washing, please take out the garment immediately and hang dry in the shade after shaping.
Please use a cloth for ironing.
生産地 India

Sarari Pullover Cotton Gauze

Sarari Pullover Cotton Gauze



  • NWHNO-ホワイト / M
  • NGYNO-グレー / M
  • NBKNO-ブラック / M
Sarari Pullover Cotton Gauze
¥19,800 (税込)


  • NWHNO-ホワイト / M


  • NWHNO-ホワイト / L


  • NGYNO-グレー / M

    gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)

  • NGYNO-グレー / L

    gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)

  • NBKNO-ブラック / M


  • NBKNO-ブラック / L


gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)
gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)/M
gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)/L
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I am a designer at Eriko Yamaguchi. I would like to share with you where my inspiration came from and what I am particular about when I am making a product.

Sarari Pullover Cotton Gauze

comfortable clothes made of gauze fabric

Gauze is a material that is making its first appearance at ERIKO YAMAGUCHI.

The most familiar gauze is used for hospital gauze and underwear for babies. You have probably come into contact with gauze in your daily life.

The idea of using gauze as clothing for adults to wear in a stylish manner came to me, and this season, it has taken shape.

We first met in the spring of 2022. I visited our factory in Bangladesh for the first time in about three years.

There, I once again inspected various production plants that were trying to overcome the Corona disaster and obtained information that "the largest gauze factory in Asia was located in Bangladesh.

Since I was in the middle of making spring/summer clothes, I intuitively thought, "I want to see it! and went to the gauze production factory.
The factory was so large that I thought it was probably the largest in the world, if not the largest in Asia, and I couldn't even look around it in one day.

This is an excellent factory that has been specializing in gauze manufacturing and exporting bed sheets, blankets, blankets, etc. to the world ever since Bangladesh became independent.
It was a wonderful factory with very high labor standards.

I asked the factory manager, "Have you ever used this in your clothes?" I asked him.

He replied, "No. There are only a limited number of fabrics that can be used for clothes. Clothing would be limited in terms of the fabrics used. We make beds and so on," and he showed me a wide size of fabric that I had never seen before.

I was convinced that since gauze is so gentle to the skin, my skin and heart would be happy if it were made into clothes.

After much thought and error, I came up with clothes that were truly comfortable to wear.

Two layers of gauze
Soft and fluffy fabric

Gauze is made by layering two, three, or four layers of thin fabric to control the thickness of the fabric.
Among them, the fabric we chose this time is two layers. It is a very thin and cool material.

Because of the two layers, we need to be more careful than usual when sewing. All of the tailors are very careful to make sure that the top and bottom layers do not shift or distort.

This top is available in two sizes so that many people can experience the universal goodness of gauze.
When worn by men, the length is not too long.

Don't worry, while the neck part is a little wider, it is made to explore a width that does not allow the inner lining to be seen!
The shoulders are slightly dropped, creating a relaxed atmosphere.
The body is designed with a 5cm difference between the front and back to allow for a bit of movement.

Sarari Pullover Cotton Gauze

¥19,800(incl. tax)