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Lynne Henry Shirt Recycled Denim

¥25,300 (incl. tax)


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This product is available at the online store and ERIKO YAMAGUCHI Tokyu Plaza Ginza Store. Please click here for details.


This unisex top is made of recycled cotton.
The denim fabric tailored from recycled cotton is durable yet soft enough to snuggle up to the body. The stand collar gives a clean look around the face, while the playful dome-shaped antique buttons add a touch of individuality to the piece.

Pair it with pants for a casual look. Wear it with a skirt for a relaxed look. Can also be worn as a set-up with the Rinne Half Pants Recycled Denim in the same material.

We also have Rinne Henley shirt Recycled Denim (blue) in brightly colored denim fabric and Kaname Henley Shirt 40tw Khadi from White in different material.


Recycled cotton denim

This denim fabric is produced through the process of re-making yarn. It is characterized by its firm thickness, yet very soft texture. Although it is denim, you can enjoy the soft and light comfort.


Size ①Length Shoulder width Body width Sleeve length
M M 45cm 26cm 26cm

All garments are laid flat on a flat table and measured outside dimensions.
Individual differences of 1 to 2 cm may occur during the production process even for the same product.


素材 Cotton: 50
Polyester: 40
アテンション Due to the nature of the material, dark-colored items may cause color migration due to friction when wet or worn.
Please be careful when wearing it over light-colored garments.
In case of color migration, please wash the garment immediately.
取扱方法 Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach.
Dark-colored products should be washed separately from white and light-colored garments to avoid possible color migration.
Please use a net when washing.
After washing, please take out the garment immediately and hang dry in the shade after shaping. For ironing, please use a cloth to be applied to the product.
生産地 India

Rinne Henley shirt Recycled Denim

Lynne Henry Shirt Recycled Denim



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Rinne Henley shirt Recycled Denim
¥25,300 (税込)


  • NNVNO-ネイビー / M


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I am a designer at Eriko Yamaguchi. I would like to share with you where my inspiration came from and what I am particular about when I am making a product.

Lynne Henley Shirt Recycled Denim

The raw material is recycled cotton from India.

We use "recycled cotton" for this denim.

Buyers from all over the world come to India, where apparel is produced. This generates a lot of discarded scraps and cotton itself.

India is amazing in that it has a route to collect them.
This denim is made through the process of turning the recovered cotton into cloth again. The name "Rinne" series is taken from the word "reincarnation.

Denim tops that take advantage of its softness to the touch

Denim" by itself has a casual image, but this time I wanted to make a denim set-up to go with the half pants.

In the first place, denim fabric is mostly used for bottoms or outerwear. However, the soft texture of the "Rinne" series fabrics we used for this project made me think it would be possible to create tops that would adhere closely to the skin.

I wanted to bring out the best of the fabric's characteristics, so I made a top with a stand collar, which is my own unique collar shape.

Enjoy the individuality of the antique buttons.

Three antique domed buttons were applied to the collar.
I thought, "Denim goes well with vintage-style buttons," and came across these mushroom-like buttons!

If you want to go basic, antique-style four-hole buttons are a good standard, but I always look for a balance that is a little off the beaten path (laughs).
The seriousness of the stand collar multiplied by the playfulness of the buttons gave it an indescribable personality.

It's a piece that made me think, "Oh, buttons are so interesting...," and raised my inquisitiveness for buttons once again.

This is a polo shirt that you want to wear true to size.

This is a polo shirt that I want to wear true to size. This is not oversized. It is not tight, and it is tucked in the back for ease of movement.

Size is fine for a slim men's person. (If you are normally a men's LL size, this may be difficult.) Please try it on!

Rinne Henley shirt Recycled Denim

¥25,300(incl. tax)