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  • Model height 183cm wearing Brownish Gray

  • Model height 183cm wearing Brownish Gray

  • Model height 181cm wearing Black

  • Model height 181cm wearing Brownish Gray

  • Model height 165cm wearing Black

  • Model height 165cm wearing Brownish Gray

Koiki Transform Pants 8-wale corduroy

¥34,100 (incl. tax)


*This product is scheduled to go on sale in mid-September.


The soft-to-the-touch corduroy material of these two-way unisex pants evokes an autumn/winter mood.
The design of the waist is roomy while the hem is shimmering, giving it an elegant and clean look. The below-the-knee portion can be detached with a zipper, so they can also be worn as half pants, depending on the day's coordination and the season.
Enjoy a wide range of styling options, from a chic look with a blouse or light turtleneck to a mannish look with a loose knit.

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8-wale corduroy

This item is made of corduroy fabric with a pile weave that gives a soft feel to the skin. The wide ridges on the surface of the fabric keep the air inside from escaping, making it a fabric with excellent moisture retention and absorption properties. Black The gray color is a nuanced color that gives a sense of the fall and winter seasons.


Size (1) West (2) Hip (c) Inseam (4) Inseam Length (5) (6) Hem width 7) Length*. Hem width* (⑧)
Mega 73cm 107 cm 27.5cm 66.5 cm 100cm 16cm 60cm 31cm

All garments are laid flat on a flat table and measured for external dimensions.
Even for the same product, individual differences of 1 to 2 cm may occur during the production process.
The sizes (7) and (8) in the size chart are the length and hem width of half pants.


素材 Cotton: 100%.
アテンション Due to the nature of the material, fluff may adhere to other items while wearing this product. If this happens, please brush or tape to remove the fluff. Also, the color may migrate by friction in a damp condition. Please be careful when using the product with light-colored clothes, bags, etc. In case of color migration, please wash the product immediately.
取扱方法 Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach. Dark colored items should be washed separately from white and light colored garments to avoid possible color reflection. Please use a net when washing. After washing, take out the garment immediately and hang dry in the shade after shaping. Use a cloth for ironing.
生産地 India

Koiki Transform PT 8 wale Corduroy

Koiki Transform Pants 8-wale corduroy



Koiki Transform PT 8 wale Corduroy
¥34,100 (税込)


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Koiki Transform PT 8 wale Corduroy

¥34,100(incl. tax)