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  • NNANO-ナチュラル / NONE
  • NOENO-オックスフォードベージュ / NONE
  • BNANO-ブラック/ナチュラル / NONE

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A panda Kankan from the rich nature of "Kadicapo Island". Cuddy and Kapok, a lovely and gentle stuffed animal born from two natural materials.

The outside of the Kankan is hand-spun hand-woven Indian cotton kadi. It is characterized by a soft touch and a gentle texture of natural materials. It is made into a stuffed toy that fits well into the interior and is close to your life.
The inside is made of fluffy and light Indonesian kapok. The airy feeling, which is said to be 1/8 of cotton, is comfortable to hold and light enough for children to hold easily.
You can also wash the outer fabric by hand by taking out the kapok.
This product is recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift for loved ones and small children.

There are three types of Kankan in different colors. Depending on the color, the personality also varies.
The Natural is well Kankan. Black&White is naughty Kankan. Oxford Beige is Kankan calm. Please try to find your favorite one.


We have prepared original gift wrapping (charged) exclusively for plush toys.
There are two types: "Icho Beige" that conveys the soft and gentle atmosphere of the Kankan, and "Dark Navy" that gives a chic impression. Please use it as a gift for your loved ones.

For wrapping details, Please see here.


The outer fabric is hand-spun and hand-woven fabric kadi, and the filling is made of kapok, a natural Indonesian cotton material. From my encounter with the apparel brand "Kapokknot" using Indonesian kapok, this combination of kadi × kapok natural materials was born.
Kapok harvested from tree nuts is attractive for its long-lasting softness and lightness. This time, we use the highest grade harvested from farms in East Java Province.

* It is difficult to separate the seeds of the nuts and the cotton with a machine, and since everything is done by hand, there is a possibility that seeds may be contained in rare cases. Please be assured that there is no problem with the quality.

If you take out the kapok inside, you can wash the outer fabric by hand. To prevent the inner thread from sticking to the velcro, press the tape tightly closed and wash it.
There is also kapok in the ears and nose, but there is no problem if you wash this part as it is.

After drying thoroughly in the shade or hanging, you can return the kapok according to the following procedure for smoothness.

【How to claw kapok】
Kapok should be placed in the following order→ head→ hind legs, front legs and torso.
(1) Insert the kapok for the head so that the "cross seam" on the head of the Kankan is aligned.
* There is a curtain (lower right of the image) on the inside of the face so that the kapok does not move, so it is smooth to put it in so that it does not get caught in the curtain.
(2) Insert both hind legs so that the oblique side is at the base of the foot.
(3) The torso part with the "cross seam" is on the back side.
(4) Lay the outer fabric on your back and insert the kapok into both forefoot parts.
(5) When the left and right hands enter, press the stomach part little by little.
(6) Shape and complete.

Kankan Special Site

Kankan came from Kadicapo Island.
Please take a look at the story of the birth of Kankan by designer Eriko Yamaguchi and the charm of the natural material "Kapok".
Click here for the Kankan special site


サイズ Height: approx. 28 cm (from head to hips)
Width: approx. 20 cm
Height: approx. 16.5 cm
The size of Kankan may vary slightly from piece to piece.
素材 Main body: 100% cotton
Filling side fabric:100% cotton
Filling: 100% plant fiber (kapok)
アテンション Strong pulling on parts such as the head and legs may cause the seams to open. Also, the kapok used for the padding is a very light fiber. Please be careful not to hit the product too hard, as kapok may pop out.
取扱方法 About the fabric and care
Due to the characteristics of natural kadi, there is a possibility that the fabric may have weaving flaws and unevenness.
When washing, please be sure to hand-wash. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
When washing, please do not turn inside out in order to prevent the inner threads from unraveling.

For those with small children
For your peace of mind, this product has passed both formaldehyde testing, which indicates safety to skin, and food testing, which indicates safety as a toy.
生産地 India





  • NNANO-ナチュラル / NONE
  • NOENO-オックスフォードベージュ / NONE
  • BNANO-ブラック/ナチュラル / NONE
¥12,100 (税込)


  • NNANO-ナチュラル / NONE


  • NOENO-オックスフォードベージュ / NONE

    Oxford Beige

  • BNANO-ブラック/ナチュラル / NONE

    Black / Natural

Oxford Beige
Oxford Beige/NONE
Black / Natural
Black / Natural/NONE
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¥12,100(incl. tax)