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Departure Hat Linen Khadi

¥12,100 (incl. tax)


  • NBKNO-ブラック / M

This product is available at the online store and ERIKO YAMAGUCHI Tokyu Plaza Ginza Store. Please click here for details.


This hat is made of hand-woven fabric of light linen and hand-spun khadi yarn.

The brim is adjusted so that it does not spread out too much, creating a clean design that is easy to use for both men and women. It is also breathable, so it can be worn comfortably during hot weather.

It is a simple item, but with the unique luster of linen kady, it is easy to match with a wide range of styles from casual to mode.


Linen Kadi

This fabric is woven with 50-count linen for the warp and 56-count kady for the weft in a two-ply weave. The slightly thicker yarn allows you to enjoy the luster of the linen and the texture of the kady, while giving a beautiful, relaxed impression.
The thicker the yarn, the smaller the yarn count number, and the thicker the fabric.


Size (1) Head circumference Height
M 62.5cm 10.8cm
L 64.5cm 11cm

All garments are laid flat on a flat table and measured outside dimensions.
Individual differences of 1 to 2 cm may occur during the production process even for the same product.


50% linen, 50% cotton

100% cotton
アテンション Kaddies are hand-spun and hand-woven, and are characterized by their uneven texture, which is unique to handwork. Therefore, uneven weave, weaving flaws, and thread seams may occur in some parts.
Dark-colored items may cause color migration when wet or when worn with friction. Please be careful when wearing the item over light-colored clothing.
In case of color migration, please wash the garment immediately.
取扱方法 Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach.
Dark-colored products should be washed separately from white and light-colored garments to avoid possible color migration.
After washing, take out the garment immediately and hang dry in the shade after shaping.
Use a cloth for ironing.
Store in a place away from light, as it may fade or discolor.
生産地 India

Departure Hat Linen Khadi

Departure Hat Linen Khadi



  • NBKNO-ブラック / M
  • Black
    M / 在庫あり
Departure Hat Linen Khadi
¥12,100 (税込)


  • NBKNO-ブラック / M


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I am a designer at Eriko Yamaguchi. I would like to share with you where my inspiration came from and what I am particular about when I am making a product.

Departure Hat Linen Khadi

The light linen cotton is
perfect for spring and summer.

Linen cotton is a fabric made from a mixture of linen and kadi, a hand-spun yarn from India. The linen's tension and luster, but also its softness to the skin, can only be achieved by mixing linen and kadi fabrics.

And because it is hand-woven, it has a unique texture and feel.
We have created a hat with depth with such a unique fabric.

Accented with a logo.

A tag with the ERIKO YAMAGUCHI logo printed on it is attached to the side to make a bit of a statement!

Normally, the brand name is placed out of sight, but we dared to put it on the front because we thought it made a nice contrast.

Foldable and portable

We wanted to put it in a pocket, so we made the brim without using a hard interlining.
The small brim, which is slightly extended outward, does not obstruct your vision.

Keep it in your pocket and use it when traveling or going for a walk.

Departure Hat Linen Khadi

¥12,100(incl. tax)