MOTHERHOUSE MAGAZINE News Hokkaido's first store] MOTHERHOUSE opens a permanent store at Daimaru Sapporo Store.
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Hokkaido's first store] MOTHERHOUSE opens a permanent store at Daimaru Sapporo Store.


MOTHERHOUSE (Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Eriko Yamaguchi), whose philosophy is "Creating a global brand from developing countries", will open "MOTHERHOUSE Daimaru Sapporo Store" on June 24, 2022 (Friday). Through this store, which will be the first in Hokkaido, we will deliver items full of the appeal of materials and technologies from developing countries.

Image of the store interior of "MOTHERHOUSE Daimaru Sapporo Store" to be opened on June 24, 2022

First permanent store in Hokkaido to handle all categories
MOTHERHOUSE This will be the first time for Daimaru Sapporo to open a permanent store in Hokkaido since the launch of the brand in 2006. Jute The store will be the first permanent store in Hokkaido since the launch of the brand in 2006, and will be the northern base to handle all categories, from standard bags made of leather (cowhide and cowhide) to comfortable clothes made of Indian cotton "khadi".

The store aims to be rooted in the local community by using materials associated with Hokkaido, such as elm (lumber) and Sapporo soft stone (stone) for the store's shelves and tables, and by incorporating a free waterproof spray service in case of sudden rain.

Outline of the store
Name: MOTHERHOUSE Daimaru Sapporo Store
Opening date: Friday, June 24, 2022
Address: Daimaru Sapporo Store 3F, 4-7 Kita 5-jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Opening hours: 10:00-20:00
Products: Bags, small leather goods, jewelry, apparel, food

Pre-sale Day and Night Shizuku necklace 66,000 yen / Ring 57,200 yen (tax included)

New colors of Shizuku necklace and ring on pre-sale
The "Day and Night Shizuku" series jewelry combines two transparent colored stones. The necklace and ring in new Lavender colors, inspired by the nature of Hokkaido, will be available at the Daimaru Sapporo store ahead of all stores.

The yozora 2-way bag M (Dark Navy), which is being reissued for sale, is priced at 36,300 yen (tax included).

Popular colors of the yozora 2-way bag are back on sale!
The "yozora 2way bag" has become synonymous with MOTHERHOUSE for its functionality of being able to switch between a one-shoulder bag and a backpack in an instant. The popular color "Dark Navy", which is no longer made and sold out at all stores, will be reissued and sold only at the Daimaru Sapporo store (only the medium size will be reissued).

Leather charm with clock tower motif as a gift

Presenting the Clock Tower Leather Charm
To commemorate the opening, an original leather charm featuring the Clock Tower, a symbol of Sapporo, is available. We hope to mark a new time with local customers just like this clock.

Distribution eligibility: (1) MOTHERHOUSE Customers who purchase 3,300 yen (including tax) or more at Daimaru Sapporo Store. (2) Customers who have registered MOTHERHOUSE official LINE account as a friend (please present the registered screen to the staff at the Daimaru Sapporo store). First-come-first-served basis; the offer will end as soon as all the tickets have been sold out.

Event to Commemorate the Opening
On June 25 (Sat), we will hold an event to commemorate the opening of the store with the representative and designer Eriko Yamaguchi on stage. He will share the story of the company's founding and the latest in manufacturing with those in attendance.

Date and time: Saturday, June 25, 13:30-14:15 (1st session) / 14:45-15:30 (2nd session)
Venue: In front of TKP Sapporo Business Center Red Brick
Application: Please apply using the dedicated form (

Yamaguchi will also welcome you at the Daimaru Sapporo storefront from 16:00 after the event.
(No reservation required. Yamaguchi will be at the store until 17:00.)

Representative and designer Eriko Yamaguchi

[Eriko Yamaguchi (Representative Director and Chief Designer) Profile
Born in Saitama, Japan in 1981. Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Studies. After working as an intern at an international organization in Washington, D.C., he studied for a master's degree at the Bangladesh BRAC Graduate School of Development Studies. 2 years later, he returned to Japan and established MOTHERHOUSE with the mission of "Creating a global brand from developing countries". Involved in both management and design, as of May 2022, he designs and produces Jute and leather bags, stoles, jewelry, and apparel in his own and affiliated factories in Bangladesh and six other countries. The company sells its products in 35 stores in Japan and 3 countries overseas.

Selected for Young Global Leaders (YGL) 2008. He was named "Club of Japan Entrepreneur of the Year 2012" by Harvard Business School, selected for WWD Japan's "NEXT LEADERS 2020," and has appeared on MBS's "Jounetsu Tairiku" (2008), TV Tokyo's "Cambria Palace" (2017/2020), NHK's "NHK Special" (2020), etc. Special" (2020).

Creating a global brand from developing countries Since its establishment in 2006, the company has continued to manufacture products in Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar, utilizing the materials and cultures of each of the six countries. As of May 2022, the company operates 35 stores in Japan, 4 stores in Taiwan, 1 store in Hong Kong, and 2 stores in Singapore.

[company overview]
Company name Kabushiki Kaisha, Ltd. MOTHERHOUSE
Location NSK Building 2F, 2-27-3 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Established March 9, 2006
Capital 27,950,000 yen
Business Description Planning, production, and quality guidance of apparel products and sundry goods in developing countries, and sales of the same products in developed countries
Representative Eriko Yamaguchi
Official website: http: //

For media inquiries regarding this release, please contact
MOTHERHOUSE Public Relations: Oda, Sasaki
TEL: 03-5846-8819 Mail:

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