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  • Model height 183cm wearing Light Gray

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  • Model height 181cm wearing Light Gray

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  • Model height 165cm wearing Black

  • Model height 165cm wearing Light Gray

[Mid-September] Koiki Zipper Tops 20s/100dt Kady

¥34,100 (incl. tax)


  • NBKNO-ブラック / M
  • NGINO-ライトグレー / M

This product is available at the online store and ERIKO YAMAGUCHI Tokyu Plaza Ginza Store. Please click here for details.


This light and comfortable top is made of soft hand-spun and hand-woven cotton fabric, Kadi.
The relaxed, wide silhouette and loose, dropped shoulders create a one-piece look.
The front half-zip can be opened and closed in a variety of ways. It can be worn high-neck style with the zipper closed high, or opened wide to the bottom to show the inner layer.
The neckline is quite narrow, so it should be worn with the zipper slightly open.


20s/100dt cady

This fabric is woven in a beautiful twill weave using hand-spun kadhi yarns of different thicknesses for the warp and weft yarns. The combination of thick and thin yarns in the weave accentuates the rich pattern unique to twill weaving. The fabric is relatively thin, making it light and comfortable to wear and ideal for autumn attire.
The thicker the yarn, the smaller the yarn count number, and the thicker the fabric.


Size ①Length Shoulder width Body width Sleeve length
M 87cm 70.6cm 72.5cm 39cm

All garments are laid flat on a flat table and measured outside dimensions.
Individual differences of 1 to 2 cm may occur during the production process even for the same item.


素材 Cotton: 100%.
アテンション Kadhi is hand-spun and hand-woven, and is characterized by its uneven texture, which can only be achieved by handwork. Therefore, uneven weave, weaving flaws, and thread seams may occur in some parts. Dark-colored items may cause color migration due to friction when wet or worn. Please be careful when wearing it over light-colored clothes. In case of color migration, please wash the garment immediately.
取扱方法 Do not use detergents containing fluorescent bleach. Dark colored items should be washed separately from white and light colored garments to avoid possible color reflection. Please use a net when washing. After washing, take out the garment immediately and hang dry in the shade after shaping. Use a cloth for ironing. Please avoid ironing zippers.
生産地 India

Koiki Zipper Tops 20s/100dt Khadi

[Mid-September] Koiki Zipper Tops 20s/100dt Kady



  • NBKNO-ブラック / M
  • NGINO-ライトグレー / M
Koiki Zipper Tops 20s/100dt Khadi
¥34,100 (税込)


  • NBKNO-ブラック / M


  • NGINO-ライトグレー / M

    Light Gray

Light Gray
Light Gray/M
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I am a designer at Eriko Yamaguchi. I would like to share with you where my inspiration came from and what I am particular about when I am making a product.


The distinctive kadi used in this item is a twill weave of two different thicknesses of yarn.

One is a 100 count yarn, which is a thin yarn, twisted into a single strand.
The other is a single strand of 20 count thick yarn.

By mixing them, we have created a material that has the suppleness of twill weave, but still retains the Natural atmosphere.
When you touch it, you get the impression of "softness! The texture gives the impression of "softness!

There are several types, but this gray is my favorite.
It has a neutral impression with a slight bluish tint and a vintage look.


I wanted to make a top that men could wear comfortably, but when I finished making it, I found that I wanted to wear it myself, which is a strange thing about Eriko Yamaguchi's craftsmanship.

The center is made of Bislon, a sports-type zipper, in a color that matches the fabric.
The body and sleeves have cut-out accents that make a discreet statement (laughs).

This length, when worn by a woman, is below the hips and is tunic length.
It also has side pockets.

Finally, the silhouette of the overall garment is square from the shoulders to the hem, and the first sample was sewn with this in mind. This is also an important point in creating a men's look.

As you can see in the photo, the body width is pinpointed so that the garment does not flare out when worn, but is still roomy. I went back and forth between the scissors and the sewing machine until I got the body width just right.

My styling

I paired it with the blue Yuragi Voluminous Relaxed Pants in 40 yarn.
The slim and narrow hem of the pants gives an active and light impression.

And I thought it would be a nice coordinate to wear a white top inside to show the collar from the neck.

Koiki Zipper Tops 20s/100dt Khadi

¥34,100(incl. tax)