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  • Model height 183cm wearing blue

  • Model height 183cm wearing blue

  • Model height 165cm wearing blue

  • Model height 165cm wearing gray

  • NBLNO-ブルー / M

    blue (colour, color)

  • NGYNO-グレー / M

    gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)

Miyabi stand collar shirt hand painted chiffon

¥39,600 (incl. tax)


  • NBLNO-ブルー / M
  • NGYNO-グレー / M

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This unisex shirt features an eye-catching hand-painted pattern on a transparent chiffon fabric.
The pattern has a strong presence and is hand-painted by Indian painters. The thickness of the lines and the position of the pattern differ from piece to piece, so you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
This item can be worn as a shirt over a tank top in the early fall, or over a knit in the colder months as a gorgeous accent in the fall and winter. The cuffs can be buttoned up when rolled up, allowing you to wear it with a different impression.



A soft and fluffy lightweight fabric made of silk with a translucent feel. The surface of the fabric has a fine crinkled pattern and is characterized by its light and crisp feel. This time, we made the best use of the transparency of the fabric, while allowing you to enjoy hand-painting by Indian craftsmen.


Size ①Length Shoulder width ③Body width Sleeve length
M 74.5cm 58cm 62cm M

All garments are laid flat on a flat table and measured outside dimensions.
Even for the same product, there may be 1-2cm individual differences during the production process.

Pre-orders are now being accepted.

You can pre-order ERIKO YAMAGUCHI's new fall/winter collection until 8/31 (Thu.) prior to the general release.
Those who pre-order will receive an original sticker as a gift upon delivery.


素材 Silk: 100%.
アテンション This product is made of delicate fabric. Please be careful not to let it get caught on protrusions such as watches, accessories, belts, etc., or to open the seams due to strong force applied to the seams. Since this product is dyed by hand one by one, there may be individual differences in design and color. In addition, dark-colored items may cause color migration due to friction when wet or worn. Please be careful when wearing this product over light-colored clothing.
取扱方法 Please be careful not to snag or tear this delicate fabric. Due to the characteristics of the material, furballs may occur due to friction when worn or cleaned. If fluff pilling occurs, please take care of it as soon as possible with a fluff ball remover or the like. Dry cleaning is recommended. Please use a cloth for ironing.
生産地 India

Miyabi Stand/C Shirt HP Chiffon

Miyabi stand collar shirt hand painted chiffon



  • NBLNO-ブルー / M
  • NGYNO-グレー / M
  • blue (colour, color)
    M / 在庫あり
  • gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)
    M / No stock
Miyabi Stand/C Shirt HP Chiffon
¥39,600 (税込)


  • NBLNO-ブルー / M

    blue (colour, color)

  • NGYNO-グレー / M

    gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)

blue (colour, color)
blue (colour, color)/M
gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)
gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)/M
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I am a designer at Eriko Yamaguchi. I would like to share with you where my inspiration came from and what I am particular about when I am making a product.


From the time we started creating this season, we knew we absolutely needed to have a small variety of punchy colors and patterns.
This is because when you walk down the streets of India, you see so many vibrant colors and they radiate power.

In creating these colorful garments, I had learned through trial and error with hand-painted fabrics that if the fabric was too fluffy, it would look a little childish.
So I thought, "If I'm going to do this, it should be see-through," and asked my colleagues in India for fabric options.

As a result, they suggested this extremely thin silk fabric.
I really liked it because it had a fairly matte texture, rather than the unique sheen of silk.

I was worried because it is very thin silk, so when I touched it, I had a feeling of "Is this going to be used for clothes? I was a little apprehensive, but I asked the painter, "Just try 2 meters! I asked the painter to try just 2 meters.
The finished fabric was sent to me in an envelope, and I felt even more uneasy, "Oh, it's so thin. But when I opened it, I thought, "This is it! This is what I wanted! I was thrilled.

I was so impressed.

Because it is see-through, we thought it would be better to use strong colors, so we designed feathers with red and blue accents on a gray background.

For the other color, I chose a bright Peacock blue for the base.
The pattern itself was created by artisans in India, so it has a sense of dynamism and site-specificity.

I used that pattern for the standard long haori and the stand collar shirt.
The fabric is delicate, so we took great care in attaching the buttons.


The great thing about this shirt is that whether you use it as an inner layer or as a woven fabric, the whole style becomes more modern at once. Try it as an accent for your fall and winter outfits.

Miyabi Stand/C Shirt HP Chiffon

¥39,600(incl. tax)